Additional Workshops on Posters

Hello everyone! Our first meeting on September 26th will highlight Amy Shannon, who will present on how to make a great conference poster. If you are unable to make the meeting or are interested in learning more about how to make a poster, consider attending one of her workshops:

Designing Professional Posters with Powerpoint – 1-3pm, Monday 9/8/14
Designing Professional Posters with Photoshop – 3-5pm Thursday 911/14

We look forward to seeing you on the 26th!


Meeting Dates for Fall 2014 Semester!

Welcome to the new school year!! This year, Publish or Perish is undergoing some changes to help us help you! One of the first changes is the name of the club – we are transition into Posters, Presentations, and Papers (P3) to reflect our goals as a club (name changes to come on the Facebook page and website!)

Mark your calendars for our upcoming meetings this semester!!

26 September, 1pm, Location TBD –> Join us as Professor Ashley Marshall explains how and why to present at conference conferences, followed by a Q&A session

15 October, 5:30pm, Location TBD –> Join us for a presentation on posters and how to convey your ideas to an audience

17 November, 5:30pm, Location TBD –> Apply what you’ve learned during an interactive session where you can present your poster before an audience, followed by a round table discussion

We look forward to seeing you at the meetings, and will keep you updated on locations! Good luck this semester!

POP Meetings for Spring 2014

Hello POPers!

During the past academic year, POP has undergone some leadership change.  Tara stepped down as president to finish up her dissertation! (You go girl!)  New president, Frank Merksamer, is a doctoral candidate in English, making POP ever-more interdisciplinary!

POP had only one meeting last fall, during which a spring schedule was set.  This spring, POP will meet the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm.  Locations will vary, so keep on the lookout via Facebook (“like” Publish or Perish) and the website!

The first meeting took place last week, on Wednesday, February 4th, at the Joe.  Dr. Lydia DeFlorio, a professor in the College of Education, shared her experience when looking for a journal in which to publish.  She had a great handout (DeFlorio_How to find a journal) and some great advice!  Handout illustrates what it can look like to:

  • Find a list of journals in your discipline (can sometimes be found via Google)
  • Narrow down based on journal title
  • Narrow down based on acceptance rate
  • Narrow down based on fit for your article
  • Make notes in document about journals

Other great advice from Dr. DeFlorio:

  • To get more publications, work on 3 at a time (one project/study in process, one being written for a top tier journal, and one for a middle tier journal)
  • Network for tips and tricks from professionals who successfully publish
  • Find a journal while writing an article
  • Know what your institution looks for in terms of publication. Some questions may be:
    • Are presentations equal to publication?
    • How many articles should I publish yearly? In a 4-6 year span?
    • Do top tier journals count as two publications?
  • And finally, teaming up can help you stay accountable during the publication process

For more tips, tricks, and advice from professionals, please join us at upcoming POP meetings!  We look forward to seeing you there and commend your dedication to scholarly work!

Updated April/May Meeting

The April 25 meeting has been rescheduled for the following Thursday (May 02, 2013)


From 5-6 pm, POP will host its final spring semester meeting at the Little Waldorf restaurant on N. Virginia street (across the street from campus).  We will be celebrating a highly productive semester by honoring the research and publication achievements as well as all of the new skills POP members have developed. In addition, if you are interested in POP leadership positions, we will discuss future POP goals and fall semester officer reorganization opportunities. Light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are provided.

We look forward to celebrating with you and enjoying the final spring meeting. For more information, contact Tara Madden-Dent at

See you then.


March 28th Publish or Perish Meeting

Excellent conversations about posters and presentations last night.

Congrats to POP member, Gina Akao and her new book, “Tales of a Law School Dropout”.  To follow her blog or purchase her book, check out


Also, good luck to Anna Treacy who will be presenting her poster next week in Texas.  Keep POP posted about how it goes.

If you couldn’t make it to this month’s Publish or Perish club meeting, a PDF of our Powerpoint is provided here. Please contact Tara Madden-Dent if you have anything to add to the Powerpoint or if you have any questions about the Powerpoint at

Hope to see you all at this semester’s last meeting: Thursday, April 25th at 7pm.

Check out our facebook at:

Keep up the great work POP’ers.  Publication rates are increasing and your contributions are fascinating! 

POP PDF: April 25

POP Ppt: April 25